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Extreme Anglers online forum is back online.
Good day to all.

This might be a surprise to some but myself and Vosrite have decided to restart Extreme Angler seeing that there is a lack of content and participation on public forums in South-Africa.

Back in the day, EA was by no doubt the fastest growing online angling community website with fellow anglers all over RSA and abroad. 

Our intentions are clear, we are going to create the biggest informative angling data centre in South-Africa and by doing this we will meet alot of new angling buddies and provide information on a daily basis to our followers.

We urgue you all to please participate in the discussions and feel free to post. We are here to learn and to share information with each other. 

Please note we ask all members to respect one another and lets build the best online community as we have done in the past.

Tight Lines
Extreme Angler
A bad day of fishing is better then a good day at work

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