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Buffelspoort Dam
Buffelspoort Dam

Buffelspoort Dam Map - Gauteng
25°46'44.26"S 27°29'3.49"E
[Image: buffelspoort-dam-sml.jpg]

About the dam.

Buffelspoort Dam is one of the lesser known dams in the North West and lies near the gorgeous Magaliesburg mountains. Buffelspoortdam is in the region of Marikana, about 30km from Rustenburg. The water is crystal clear making it perfect for any angler. Buffelspoortdam opened its gates for the first time in 1937. It has a gross capacity of 10,251,000 cubic meters, and a surface area of 135.7 ha.

The dam is owned by Department of Water Affairs and they claim that it is one of the cleanest dams in the North West Province. The Sterkstroom River, that also supplies water to Roodjekoppies dam, insures that the dam has a constant level almost right through the year.

The dam has water-grass in some areas making fishing at Buffelspoort Dam difficult in those areas. There are other areas that are clean and perfect for fishing without any problems. Buffelspoort Dam camping has two resorts close to the dam where anglers can go to namely Buffelspoort Resort and Oemaramba Resort. Both of these resorts offer activities for the whole family.

Buffelspoort Dam Fishing is famous for its Black Bass especially during the summer months when they get caught quite frequently. The fact that the water is so clear and that you get spots with water-grass makes Buffelspoort the perfect dam for Bass.

Buffelspoort dam is also known for its big Carp that gets caught mainly in the winter months. There are also a big amount of Kurpers in the dam together with Yellow Fish that mainly gets caught while the angler are fishing for Carp. 

Oor die dam.

Buffelspoortdam is een van die minder bekende hengeldamme in die Noord Wes, boonop lê die dam in die natuurskone omgewing van die Magaliesberge. Buffelspoortdam is in die omgewing van Marikana, ongeveer 30km duskant Rustenburg geleë. Die dam se water is helderskoon wat dit ideaal maak vir enige hengelaar. Die dam het 'n kapasiteit van 10,251,000 kubieke meter en 'n oppervlakte van 135.7 hektaar. Die dam het sy deure vir die eerste keer oop gemaak in 1937.

Buffelspoort dam is onder die beheer van die Departement van Waterwese en hulle maak aanspraak daarop dat dit een van die skoonste damme in die Noord Wes Provinsie is. Die Sterkstroomrivier, wat ook die rivier is wat die Roodjekoppies Dam voed, verseker dat Buffelspoort dam ‘n redelike konstante watervlak handhaaf amper reg deur die jaar.

Die dam het plek-plek watergras wat dit vir die oewerhengelaar moeilik maak om daar te hengel, maar daar is wel oorgenoeg spasie in die ander gedeeltes van die dam wat aan die oewerhengelaar beskikbaar gestel word. Daar is twee oorde naby die dam wat vir die hengelaar slaapplek bied, naamlik die Buffelspoort oord en die Oemaramba oord. Biede bied ‘n variasie van aktiwiteite aan vir die gesin en is ‘n klipgooi van die dam af geleë.

Buffelspoortdam is veral bekend vir sy swartbaars wat gedurende die somermaande in groot getalle aangekeer kan word. Die feit dat die water so glashelder is, tesame met die watergras wat in hierdie dam voorkom, maak dit die ideale dam om vir hierdie vis te hengel.

Buffelspoort dam is ook bekend vir sy groot karp, veral in die wintermaande. Kurpers is ook volop in hierdie dam en Geelvisse word ook gereeld hier gevang, meestal ook maar terwyl die hengelaar opsoek is na karp.



[Image: buffelspoort-dam-view-sml.jpg]


Buffelspoort Dam Fishing Tips, Spots & Fishing Bait.
Carp Bait: Tiger Nuts, XL Kaboem Mealies, Sweetcorn, brown bread mixed with Sweetcorn and custard dough "papaas". Boilies with a Tigernut flavor (or other lightly flavored boilies soaked for an hour or two in Tiger Nut Extract) also works well at Buffelspoort. Also try one or two mallows, dipped in Tiger Nut Extract, on your hook. 

Flavors: Anything smelling like Tigernuts (such as Tigernut Extract and Roasted Togernut Oil) is deadly.

Fishing Tip: There are two secrets to this dam if you are looking to catch big Carp. Firstly, you will need to be fishing at distances of more than 400m to get to where the big Carp are feeding. Secondly, you will need patience when you are fishing Buffelspoort dam as the big ones take a little while to bite.

Groundbait: Tigernut attractor groundbait OR Hemp & Tigernut Method Mix OR a pre-cooked hemp, tiger nut and kaboem particle mix. 

Yellow Fish: Earthworms and "Papaas". 

Kurper Bait: Brown bread mixed with Maroek and earthworms.

Groundbait: Maroek works the best.

Fishing tip: If you are using "Papaas" then it should be on the smaller side.

Bass Lures: Plastic worms in a brown or purple range of colors deliver good results in general. Crankbaits in a silver color, especially sinking lures, works well for the Bass.

Fishing Tip: The Black bass gets caught mostly in the mornings from about 05:30 and then again in the late afternoon. During the day the fishing can be very quiet.

Barbel / Catfish Bait: Here you can use things such as Platannas, Fish Heads, Crickets, Day-old Chics, Cutworms (Miswurms) and Earthworms or even a combination of these.
A bad day of fishing is better then a good day at work
Hi, dude will like to say that you have shared really nice stuff with us through this board. I like this a lot and would love to share it with my brother who has a great interest in fishing. Surely it would be wow for him.
Extreme Angler, I am going to appreciate your effort as you have exchanged really a nice and useful stuff here about the Buffelspoort Dam which is good. It is looking really a great place to go for and fishing. I am keen to be there soon with my dad in summer vacations to enjoy this activity and have a cool kind of time.
Hi guys, gonna tell you that I have talked about with my brother about Buffelspoort Dam and he told me this is not the finest place for fishing. He told me his some friends have a bad experience there cause people of this place are not good. So let me know what you all will like to say about this guys?
Racheal, I am feeling afraid after reading your post as you said that it is not a sufficient place to enjoy fishing. I was thinking to be there in next days during summer vacations but Now I think, I should talk more about this place to collect information and make the final decision. Hope, other members will share more information about Buffelspoort Dam here.
I love fishing and this is my most favorite hobby. I am reading all of your posts very attentively and trying to get some sufficient stuff but after reading last member's post feeling sad because he said this place is not perfect for enjoying fishing which above member's told. But full of hopeful will try to get something more detail of this place from my dad because he has great information about such as places.

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